Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here's what happened tonight right after work

Tonight Matt (the guy I work with) brought me a care package when he arrived to pick up Olivia at the end of the shift (he and Olivia and Stephen are all roommates) - Season 1 and 2 of Metalocalypse; an animated series about science fiction death metal headbangers, a book; 'On The Road' by Jack Kerouac, and one other item.  Lately Matt has been letting me borrow some of his books now and then, which I think is super cool.  I've never seen Metalocalypse or read the Jack Kerouac book, so I'll have something to do tomorrow on my day off.  I might even walk around tonight and read it.  It's a nice night... just perfect for Book Walking, actually.

So anywho, about the other item.  For the past week I've been playing music on my mp3 player at work, and Tuesday, when I came out of the cooler after stocking it, Olivia had it pressed up to her ear while she was fronting and facing and making coffee and sweeping and mopping.  She kept it for most of the day, listening to my music selection and every now and then commenting on a specific song.  So tonight, along with the DVD's and the book, Matt had also brought a little pair of portable speakers for hooking up to an mp3 player, brand new and still in the plastic packaging.  Olivia grabbed it and handed it to me and said, "Here, I bought you a present!  I forgot to take it with me to work today, so I had Matt bring it with him tonight.  These should work better than that styrofoam cup you've had taped to your mp3 player for the past week." 

She had bought me a pair of external speakers for my little mp3 player.  I was just completely taken aback.  It always takes me by complete surprise when somebody does something so nice for me, completely out of the blue.  Olivia is a real sweetie.  After I got over the awesomeness of the moment, I thanked her and gave her a hug and thanked her again and went on about how thoughtful it was and what a sweetie she was, and gave her another hug.  Then I found a pair of scissors and opened the package, put some batteries in it, and hooked it up to my mp3 player.  I started it playing, and we all gathered around (me and Stephen and Matt and Shaq and Olivia) and listened to my new little speakers.

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