Monday, September 12, 2011

Yesterday and today

Yesterday sucked.  One customer called me a liar when I told her that I wasn't purposefully trying to give her a hard time by not letting her pay with just her credit card numbers, and no actual credit card.  Manual entry doesn't work on those registers anyway.  I tried to explain that to her, and she didn't believe that either.  Later a guy called me an asshole because I wouldn't accept his torn up, peeling, expired North Carolina ID to buy alcohol. I wouldn't let his friend buy beer either after that, because they were together, and that's a frikin state law.  I tried to explain that to his friend, and he called me an asshole too.  I bought one of those 24 oz Steel Reserve beers and took off walking straight after work with a book and a flashlight and an mp3 player.  It's getting cooler now, and walking season is officially open, I think.  I walked around last night until 3:00 am, and it did me some good.  I missed walking and reading, it's been so hot that I couldn't stand it.  While I was walking, I was traversing a dry creek bed.  It was really cool... the embankment walls were about 8 feet high, and being down in it was like walking through a mini-canyon.  It was fun.  While down there, I came across a rabbit trap somebody had set.  It was a cage with a mechanism of pulleys and wires, leading to a metal trap door, with carrots clustered together at the end of the cage.  Well, I couldn't resist, so I picked up a stick and started pushing against the pressure plate, and clickity ka-chunk, the door popped shut.  No rabbit inside, though... somebody is gonna be irritated.  I also marveled at the brightness of the full moon, and how it illuminated everything.  I read once that the surface of Titan would be lit about as brightly as a night on Earth under a full moon.  I imagined I was on Titan, slogging through a slurry of frozen hydrocarbon slush and ammonia rain, with everything having a reddish cast instead of blueish.  At one point I tried to spot the supernova that had recently erupted in the pinwheel galaxy.  I knew it was near the handle of the big dipper, but I couldn't find it, which I thought was weird.  I can always spot the big dipper.  So, I hunted around for the little dipper, and from there tried to work my way towards the big dipper, because you can draw a straight line from the front two stars of the big dipper to the pole star.  Well, that wasn't successful at all, and I began to grow really frustrated... until I realized I was looking at the pleiades, and not the little dipper.  They do look kind of similar, but I kicked myself anyway.  I know the frikin pleiades, or the seven sisters as they're also known.  I felt like a right retard.  I still couldn't find the big dipper though, which was even weirder.  I did spot Orion rising at about 2:45 though.

Today, work was much better than yesterday.  Mostly because this one girl came into the store and wouldn't shut up about how gorgeous I am.  She said I was the cutest one who worked there, and she kept calling me gorgeous after that.  'Hey gorgeous, how much is this?  Thanks, gorgeous.  Hey gorgeous, are you married?  Isn't he the cutest?  Doesn't he have gorgeous hair?'  This got embarrassing, as she was saying it loudly and to other customers too.  It was still kind of fun though, and made me feel good.  And Matt (a guy I work with, not my brother) invited me to a dress up party.  The theme is 'rock star', and everybody shows up dressed like their favorite genre of rock.  I don't know if I'll go, or even be able to.  It's on Saturday night a few weeks from now, and I have vigil on those nights, and church early the next morning.  Plus, I don't know how I'd get there, what with the car situation.  Still, it was nice to be invited, and I wouldn't even have to dress up if I went... I'd just go as myself.  Mr. Grunge.

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