Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Persistant visits to this blog

My blog has a stat counter that tracks visitor statistics by counting the number of visits each day, what page they visited, whether or not they're returning visitors, etc.  I usually get about 5 hits a day from all over the world from people using Google searches, which shouldn't seem weird in and of itself... but what IS weird is that almost every single one of those visits to this blog is to one particular entry - my write up about the star of Bethlehem as an astronomical phenomenon.  This page:

Every single day, almost every visit to my blog is to that page.  Visits average about 5 a day, over the course of a month, and they go back 6 months, to when I first started watching the stat counter. Some days it's as many as 20 different page views of just that one page.  My stat counter page is filled from top to bottom with visits to my star of Bethlehem blog entry.  It's weird.

The stat counter even shows the Google search terms the visitors used - things like 'bright star of Bethlehem', 'Bethlehem night sky', 'shining star over the manger at Bethlehem', 'pictures of the night sky in Bethlehem', 'star of Bethlehem', 'Bible star', and  'Bethlehem supernova', to name a few.  It's the only traffic my page gets, except for a few rare visits that don't show any referring Google searches.

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