Thursday, December 8, 2011

There's a brighter side to this...

Turn away don't be a fool,
I'm a wreck when I look mighty.
In euphoria I'm bruised,
When I'm confused I strike like lightning.
In complacence I am small,
Through oblivion I'm charged.

Turn away I'm not the one,
When bathed in sunlight I'm under duress.
I seem all polish and reward,
But when I'm confidant I'm hopeless.
I'm just like everybody else,
Right before they fall apart.

So follow my way,
when I'm not leading anyone.
I'm open and frayed,
When you can see that I'm undone.
Out on my way,
I'm only pure when I get lost.
And I'm only needing I'm finding that you're not.

So follow my my way,
when I am useless to your cause.
When I derail,
I'm calm in the patience of remorse.
I've lost my way,
Out on my empty open nerves.
When all I know is that I don't know where we are.

When all I know is that I don't know,
Through oblivion I charge.