Thursday, January 26, 2012

A dream - space-life-time

Oh man the craziest dream.  I was in an old ramshackle house, and a sniper was outside, trying to kill me and my brother.  It was impossible to move around, because the windows offered vantage points, and there were only a few spots on the floor next the the walls under the windows where we could hide.  We just laid there in the house like that for hours.  It seemed like hours passed in the dream too as we lay there motionless, just talking about what it was like yesterday, when we were able to move around.  How we took just being able to stand up, walk around, or even just open the front door for granted.

Then it got late, and my brother said, 'enough of this' and he got up to leave.  I panicked, but as I followed him out the front door, I realized that were on an alien planet, researching the life there.  We had giant supercomputers set up, which were going through the DNA of the alien creatures we'd found.  They looked like fuzzy dogs crossed with deer, and the backs of their heads were triangular shaped and open, so you could see their brains, but there was a clear protective layer, and several horns protruded from the back of the head.  They kept getting in the way of our research, so we had to keep petting them to distract them.  Then the supercomputer had some kind of a breakthrough, and it showed a representation of the hyperreality of life and spacetime as they were combined to form the universe, one depending on the other, and it was a long braid that wrapped around itself and went inside itself, made out of a series of twisting connected cubes that formed long tunnels, and as I followed one of these braids as far as I could I could see it twist and spiral around, and I was able for just a second to see how it looped around through hper-space-time-life to connect back with itself, and I was filled with the most awesome sense of wonder and knowing, and just ok-ness.  It was almost like having your brain exploded, but completely painless, and not violent, and not messy, and instead of the whole thing exploding, it was more like each atom exploded but stayed right where it was.

Then the supercomputer created this large silver ball, this big packet of the space-time-life, that it referred to as toporgic.  It went floating through the air, and it got close to my brother Matt, and he SLAMMED his fist into it, and it shattered into hundreds of little silver balls, some as big as your fist but none bigger.  They flew everywhere, and we ran around picking up little pieces of it, and as I held one in my hand, it was like holding a ball of firm gelatin.  I could squeeze it, and the more I squoze, the more it vibrated, until it seemed like my whole being was vibrating with its energy.  Then it burst into littler balls, and they flew everywhere, and I watched them float through the air in all directions, little marbles of the space-life-time.  Then my brother and I just started walking, looking at the alien life, and we passed a humanoid creature.  I tossed a little ball of toporgic at it, and it caught it and said, "Hey, what's this?"  "Space-time-life!" I shouted back.  "You're drunk!" said the humanoid, laughing, as he squoze the little silver ball between his fingers, and it exploded into little silver marbles, and he ran around catching them.


  1. Very cool dream. Your subconscious needs to write a screenplay.

  2. I have an outline for a science fiction book, in which I make prodigious use of my dreams as source material for certain scenes and to further the plot at times. I even started writing it a few years ago, but I don't think I'll ever actually finish it. The premise is that God and Satan are both alien scientists working in a lab together in another universe, and that Satan screws up the parameters of the universe at the moment of creation as a practical joke, just to piss of God. The story involves a migraine suffering astronaut, living rocks on Mars, vastly intricate computer programs written by God and Satan representing heaven and hell and to which souls are uploaded after death, a trainload of pig shit, a heroin addicted grunge demon named Dreyfuss, a space shuttle crash-landing in Dallas, planets switching orbits, a planet with an entire population which is unaware that they are possessed by Satan, a 13 billion year old machine which is the control console for the universe, an epic battle that takes place in the 11th dimension and is fought entirely in the minds of the combatants, and the siege of humanity in which the Earth suddenly finds itself surrounded and under attack by a hoard comprised of the fleets and armies of trillions of demons which have finally broken out of the 11th dimension, all of them led by Satan, and the only hope rests with two drug addled juvenile delinquents and their ability to get hold of God by tripping on psychedelics.

  3. That sounds like a winner. Finish it and get it published!