Saturday, April 7, 2012

Retardo, don't go... I love you, Retardo!

When I'm out walking and reading at night after work, and enjoying some nice, tasty malt liquor, it's easy for me to get distracted and to start thinking about depressing stuff that doesn't bother me nearly as much when I'm not half shnockered.  As a result, sometimes I wind up posting silly, self pitying crap here which I don't even remember blogging.  Then, a few days later, when I'm browsing around my blog, I'll discover something retarded that I'd posted a few nights ago, and only then will I remember getting all boo-hooey and blogging about it while half shnockered off of a couple cans of Steel Reserve.  That shit's gotta stop, Retardo.  Huh?  No, not the Steel Reserve.  The retarded blogging has gotta stop.  Ergo, Retardo, in vino est veritas, sed fieri infirmis non jucundum.


  1. Yeah, Retardo. I see you deleted that post too. You rock in my book.

  2. Thanks Juie :) Are you ever gonna be back on FB?

  3. Um, regarding FB, I cause myself WAY too much personal drama on there. I was kinda addicted to it and that had to stop. The only way for that to stop was to go cold turkey. I've also stopped talking to my family members because 90% of all our conversations are worth neither saying nor hearing and result in bad energy. Isolation to some degree is my attempt at some level of personal peace. But I'm still addicted to your blog, so keep it. Sorry you got kicked outta your house. I bet it's going to end up being a blessed kick in the butt change, though. Sometimes those changes have to come in a sucky way. Good luck with that, and school. HEARTS AND HUGS!