Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dead president in the muddy water

Tonight as I was walking home from church, I stepped over a mud puddle.  One of dozens.  Anyway, I happened to look down as I was stepping over this particular puddle, and I saw a vague, kind of blurry, barely visible thing that looked like a 10 dollar bill submerged in a silt saturated mud puddle.  It was like looking at... remember that scene in The The Two Towers when Frodo looked into the water when they were crossing the dead marshes near the Dagorlad battle plain and saw those dead faces?  It was like that, except the face was Alexander Hamilton.


  1. So, did you pick it up? What did you do with it? I sometimes wonder, when I find random money like that, if it has a special purpose that I'm supposed to help it fulfill.

    It's like a test.

  2. Yup, I picked it up and I shpent it. I was gonna give it to the church, but I got greedy.