Sunday, September 9, 2012

Going first (or second, technically, whatever)

I had left my car keys in the choir nook last night while confession was going on.  I'd already decided that I wasn't gonna actually go to confession, because there were so many other people waiting, and I just wanted to get my keys and leave.  The reason being, I was in my mom's car, and I wanted to get her car back and so I could visit with her, too.  Mom came up for a surprise visit :)  So, I was standing outside in the little book store nook, and I suddenly blurted out loud, "I'm not gonna go to confession tonight.  I don't have time.  My keys are in there, so I'm just gonna grab my keys when Debra is finished."  The reason I even announced this to begin with was so that everybody waiting would know that I was just going in to get the keys, and that I wasn't trying to usurp the next spot in line.  And Mike said, "Go next!"  I had to stop for a sec and absorb this foreign concept.  I'm almost always the last person to go to confession... I dunno why, it just always works out that way.  I'm always last.  I think everybody sort of knows it for some reason, on a subconscious level... or maybe that's just me.  One time Nancy said to me, "I know you like to go last!" with a big smile.  Well, it's not just an awful thing going last, and I normally don't mind.  And the last person usually gets to hang out for a little while longer and talk to Fr. Justin a little more than the others, so there's that benefit... so anywho, Mike said to go next, and I thought, no... no way.  I can't go next.  Then I said it out loud.  It just popped out automatically, I dunno.  "Go next!"  Mike said again, and at that time, Debra came out, and Mike ushered me in, motioning with his hands, and I sort of wandered in, a little dazed and in a mild state of disbelief.  I remember kind of half giggling and saying to Fr. Justin, "They're letting me go first!  I just needed to get the car keys... but they're letting me go first!"  I dunno why it was so unbelievable.  I don't ALWAYS go last.  Still, it was quite a thing.

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