Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Here's my other blog:

That Hideous Dream Journal

I found an old collection of dreams that I'd typed up, dating from back to 2002 and up to 2008, which I had thought was lost forever.  I found them as an attachment to an old Yahoo e-mail that I'd sent to myself back in 2008, and so I decided to post them all there. There are a couple of hundred in all.

All of the more recent dreams since 2008 are posted too.  Dreams, dreams, dreams!  Most of them are really f'ed up.  There are still about a hundred more dreams from January 2006 up to September 2008 that I haven't posted yet.  I'll get to it.

There are also a lot of recurring themes to my dreams.  Here are the most common ones:

I can float, usually by lifting my legs off of the floor and placing them in a cross-legged position.  It is often a very pleasurable feeling and I'm quite proud of myself for doing it and want to impress other people with my ability.

My dream will take place in Russia or Mexico, or some other foreign country.  The location is the only thing consistent with each recurrence, because each time the dream is unique.

I'm either floating by myself or in an aircraft of some type and I am worried about coming into contact with power lines.  If I'm in an airplane, it's usually the takeoff that worries me, that we won't gain enough altitude to clear the power lines.  Sometimes I am floating in the sky and am surrounded by power lines on all sides and there is now way around, above, under, or through them.  I hardly ever actually come into contact with them.

UFO's will appear in the sky.  They are usually very large and spectacular in technical appearance with many different colored lights everywhere.  I am always overcome with the feeling of knowing that this is real, that I'm actually seeing this UFO and that it's not a dream this time.  I am always yelling to other people, showing them the UFO in the sky.  I am always very scared of the UFO.

Matt and I are involved in some type of very hurtful conflict.  Matt shows no regard for my feelings and sometimes is physically violent with me.  It is very depressing.

Charles and Darwin, sometimes both, sometimes individually, hate me and want to do me harm.  Occasionally it is Clint. 

Jeff Archer is present and I am usually intimidated in some way by his success compared to my seemingly failed life.

I am back in high school or college.  I've skipped a class all semester and it's time for the test and I know nothing about it.  Sometimes I have to go back to high school and go through my senior year again, even though I know I've already graduated.

I am riding in or driving a school bus.  Sometimes I am in high school band going to a football game.  A lot of the time I am riding home to the old house in Omaha.

I'm in the military.  Usually I'm either fighting a battle, or presented in a parade rest formation in front of civilians.  Sometimes I am regretting that I have joined and am looking for a way out.

I'm either married to or in a relationship with Stacey Hagan.  I feel very close to her and our relationship almost seems forbidden.  Sometimes I am in bed with her and we're having sex.

Christy Page is my long lost girlfriend and we are finally together again.  I'm always very happy.

I am married to Tammy Jernigan and sometimes we have a baby.  Occasionally Tammy is not present but I am the father of a newborn baby.  I am always filled with anxiety at the prospect of being a parent.

I look up into the sky and a spectacular cosmic vista is displayed.  Sometimes I am aware that it is night time but the sky is blue with daylight.  I can see planets in the sky and nebulae and huge tracts of glittering stars, even in broad daylight.  Sometimes I am looking through a telescope and witnessing these vast displays.  I am always awestruck.

I am working at DuPont again on a probationary basis.  I am usually afraid that I've missed a scheduled day and will lose my job again.

Tornadoes.  They are always very scary and spectacular and very close to me.

I am living on Mars, or viewing it from space.  It is almost always in some stage of being terraformed, and I always feel good when I'm on the cold surface.

I am in the bathroom and can't get the door to stay shut and it won't lock.  I am always very anxious that someone will walk in on me.

I am living at the old house in Omaha.  Sometimes it has been worked on and being rented out and I am out of place there.  Often I will go to grandma's house in dreams like this and grandma will be there, but she will be crazy.

Sometimes grandpa will be alive but it is as though he is cheating death, and nobody can mention the fact that he died years ago or he will have to return to the grave.

I am looking at a huge cityscape.  The buildings are all many times larger than anything in real life, and their staggering size is immensely impressive.  Sometimes I'm flying over it, other times I'm driving towards it.  Usually it is a skyline that stretches across the horizon, rising into the sky and dwindling with perspective, dwarfing everything by its presence.

Martians tripods from The War of the Worlds are invading.  I am always running away from them, trying to hide, always in imminent danger of being captured.

I am skating on rollerblades and I can really skate.  I feel so free while I'm skating.

I am shooting someone over and over but they won't die.

I am in an elevator and it is moving erratically.  Sometime it goes upside down.  Sometimes it falls.

Wonderful, vibrant green landscapes and vast, blue undulating oceans are prevalent.

I am aware of getting older.  I look back on the years of my 20's and grieve for my lost youth.

I am mucking pills from grandmother.

There is a lot of activity in the sky, due to comets and meteors.  It is usually spectacular and prone to change quickly from a harmless display into a foreboding danger.

I have parked my car, usually at high school or college.  I am wandering through the parking lot looking for it.  I never find it.  I am always filled with strong anxiety and am afraid that it has been stolen.

I am crying.  There seems no end to the tears.  It usually feels very good to cry, as if I am releasing some kind of pressure which has built up inside me.  At the same time, I am filled with sadness and remorse.

I'm on the moon.

I'm at school and dialing the combination on my locker.  I'm always afraid that I'll forget it.  Somehow I always get the door open, even when it seems that I've forgotten the combination.

There has been a nuclear war.  It always seems very real and I always say to myself 'this time it really happened, it's not a dream'.


  1. Dreams are so cool. Have you still not experienced a lucid dream? I have them about once every few months and once had 3 in one week. That was when I was reading Eckhart Tolle and was practicing present moment awareness a lot throughout the day, so maybe that's a factor.

    Also noticed lately since I've been taking so many decongestants for allergies that my dreams have been extremely vivid and weird.

  2. Also, it's interesting that you have such a clear memory of your dreams. Do you wake up and write them down right away? Even when mine are very vivid, I quickly forget them, which is frustrating.

  3. I've had extremely vivid dreams and been aware of tiny details like a rusty door knob, or just wondering things about the personal lives of random strangers who happen to pass by. Sometimes I'm aware that I'm dreaming, but it never occurs to me to take active control. I've only ever had one lucid dream, about 5 years ago. It was an extremely short dream, so I didn't get to do very much, and I don't remember what it was about anyway.

    I can usually remember my dreams fairly well throughout the day. Sometimes I'll immediately write them down upon waking up, but other times I might not get around to it until up to a couple of days later. So I remember my dreams pretty well, I suppose.