Saturday, April 21, 2012

All kinds of bullshit. It kinda sucks.

The other day I got an eviction notice.  It came as quite a surprise.  Allow me to elucidate.  When Matt moved to Austin, we were already behind with the rent, and with him gone and me having to pay most of everything, it got worse.  However, I had been told repeatedly by the property manager not to worry about being behind, that it was ok.  Apparently, he wasn't speaking for the property owner, who had decided that it was most certainly NOT ok, and I learned this on the 17th when I was handed an eviction notice by the property manager, to be out by midnight of the 18th.  He apologized, said he hated confrontations, and left.  Now we arrive at the part where I'm surprised.

After some frantic thinking and a few phone calls and a little bit of soul dying, I'd managed to talk the property owner into letting me stay until the end of April, dependent on my coming up with $600.00 by yesterday.  I dipped into my student loan payment, which still has to be paid somehow by the 28th, and Matt sent some money, and I paid the six hundred bucks. 

The part that has me especially down in the dumps is the mystery of what happened to the $400.00 I paid at the end of March.  I didn't get a receipt for it, which I should have, I know, and I paid it with cash.  Now the property manager says that he had left a receipt on my door, but I never saw it, and according to the owner, I'm behind by about $400.00 that I thought I'd paid already.  That has me confusricated and bebothered.

Oh well, screw it.  Maybe I will be able to move in with Thom.  Fr. Justin has been advising me to do that, and if he thinks it's a good idea, then I believe him.  I'm gonna talk to Thom about it tomorrow.