Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A dream - lost in time with Giant Monsters

First I was watching events, and myself, from the third person.  I saw a much younger and healthier version of myself standing on top of a building with the wind blowing my long hair all around me.  I was happy, and triumphant, because I had traveled back in time.  I was going to find the younger version of my wife and start life all over with her.  But someone from the future was still in contact with me, and she (I dunno who she was) was saying to me, "Are you really going to abandon your present wife, your future wife, here in the present while you luxuriate in the past?"  My point of view switched to the first person as she showed me a view of my future wife without me, growing older and older, lines forming on her face, lines of sadness as well as lines of age, but still beautiful.  I changed my mind and decided to leave the past.

Something happened though, and I got lost and wasn't able to go back.  Everything was a confusing blur, and I was watching events again from outside.  I saw a view into a shower, a prison shower.  It was shower time for the prisoners.  I saw the young version of me in the shower, and heard someone say to me, "He knows how to do it.  He's the one you want."  So I saw myself walk over and stand very close to someone who I at first thought was my wife.  I was very confused, but they weren't doing anything... just standing there, very close, as if comforting each other.  Then I saw that it wasn't my wife, but a young male prisoner who looked a lot like her.  The young version of me said thank you to the guy, and walked away.  I saw everything from my own eyes again after that, and I realized that I was looking for a way back to my own time, and my wife, and somehow I'd wound up in prison.  The young kid in prison was a version of her in this weird timeline, but she was a man instead.  But he was able to remember things from the correct timeline, and he'd told me how to get back to her.

Then all of us prisoners were in line in a very large bathroom with urinals spaced very close to each other along all of the walls.  Just the way I hate it, with no dividers.  Nobody was using them though, and the line was just progressing slowing around the room.  It so weird that I suddenly burst into gales of uproarious laughter.  I was looking across the room, watching one guy shove a cream pie into his mouth and then spit the whole thing out, intact, across the room into another guys face.  It was the funniest thing I'd ever seen.  The line progressed, and finally I found myself in the prison halls, and I was wearing a prison jumpsuit.

There were two people with me... my brother Matt, and one other person who was a close friend, but not identified.  We began to walk quickly down the halls, and that's when I realized that what was happening was very similar to dreams I've had before which have recurred, but I didn't realize that what was going on at the time was a dream.  What happened was, we were walking very quickly and gradually we found ourselves outside the prison and on the streets of a large metropolis.  My friend said, "I don't think we're supposed to be out here, did we escape from prison?"  I replied, "I've dreamed this before, this is so weird.  We're definitely out of prison, but I don't know how that happened."  Then Matt started running, and we ran after him.

As we ran, we dodged around different people.  It was like an obstacle course, trying to keep up with him.  I looked for my wife in the crowd, hoping that this was all happening for a reason and that I would find her here, and I got separated from my friend.  I heard him yelling to me from the other side of the street, "Keep us in sight!  Don't lose us!  Follow us around if you see us change direction!"  I looked over to the left across a busy street and saw them running flat out, up a hill towards a cross street.  The day was overcast and dreary, and the only color that stood out was a bright red hat that Matt was wearing, so I kept an eye on that.  When they got to the top of the hill, they both saw something that I couldn't see, and I heard cries of dismay and panic.  "Go to the right!  Turn with us, follow us!  Oh dear God, no no no!"  And then they disappeared behind buildings as they took the cross street. 

I had wound up in a public park, so I ran through bushes and around trees and down a hill into it, trying to catch glimpses of them between buildings on top of the next hill as they ran.  I glanced behind me and was filled with an immediate sense of fear and dread.  Dark clouds were churning in the sky, and I could hear a deep rumble with a more organic sound layered above it, but it wasn't something I could describe.  It had the effect of instantly sending me into a panic for my life.  I was more scared than I'd ever felt, and I suddenly remembered that this was just like another dream I'd had before.  I knew, I was positive, that there was a giant monster behind me, that it was attacking the city, and that it was coming closer, and that there was no way to escape from it.  This is what my brother and my friend had seen from the top of the hill that made them cry with such fear.  Even though I was terrified, I looked behind me again.  I saw what looked like another hill emerge above the hill I was running down, and it had bony protrusions growing out of it, and it was moving upward and would soon come into full view.  I didn't want to see it, so I turned back around and ran as fast as I could toward a copse of trees, and I hid in there.  I could see my brother and my friend occasionally through the buildings and trees as they ran, and then both of them suddenly stopped, looking in the opposite direction to the one I'd been running, and then they both started running towards me.  I realized with horror that there were two monsters, one ahead of me and one behind me, and that there would be no escape from them. 

I called out to my friend and my brother, and they joined me in the trees, just as the first monster emerged over the hill.  It was just enormous.  About 10 times as big as the Cloverfield monster, and it was looking right at us.  I was hoping that it might miss us, because we're so small, but no such luck.  It looked similar to the Rancor pit monster in ROTJ, but like I said, much much larger, and shaped more like something that walked on four legs.  It's mouth opened, and as I looked inside that gaping maw, I saw that it was large enough to swallow an entire football stadium, with about a hundred thousand attending people, and it would still be hungry.  It was just an incredibly huge, empty space for its head to be wrapped around... just unreal.  Insane.  At that moment, all three of us just lost our heads, and we darted out of the trees in different directions.  I was running in blind fear, as were they, with no particular strategy for evading these monsters, except to just keep moving.  I heard the second one roar and had to cover my ears, but I looked up at it and saw its tongue emerge from its mouth.  I was very long, impossibly long, and it just kept coming out, and I realized that it was prehensile, because it was grabbing trees and tossing them around as it looked for me, and that there would definitely be no escape with two of these tongues writhing around the landscape. 

All this time I had been thinking to myself, from the moment I heard the first screams of fear from my brother and my friend, that this was impossible, I've had this dream before, this can't really be happening, this is just a dream I've had, but it's really happening... how can a dream like this be real?  It can't, it's impossible, but here it is, happening, and it's real, and this is all really happening, and I just can't believe it.

I heard my brother shout to me, he was shouting urgently about a cave, that I should go into the cave.  I saw the cave, right there, and I ran inside.  I don't know what happened to my brother and my friend, and I kept running, deeper and deeper into the cave, wondering if the monster tongues could find a way inside.  I eventually found myself at the other side of the hill, and could see the second monster outside, with its tongue probing all around.  It must have smelled me with its tongue, like snakes do, because it instantly darted towards me.  I ran back into the warren of tunnels, and the tongue followed me.  I though that it had come to the extent of its reach because it suddenly stopped and splayed its end onto the wall of the cave, secreting this sticky white stuff everywhere, but it detached and came after me again.  I knew that it would be over in just a few seconds, so I stopped and drew a small foldable knife that I'd gotten for Christmas last year from my back pocket.  I opened it and determined that I'd at least give this giant monster tongue a good couple of gouges before it got me, and that's when it got me.

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