Friday, June 14, 2013

Help my sister Michele win VIP tickets to see Heart! Pretty Please :)

My sister, Michele, who is the biggest Heart fan ever to exist in all of the UNIVERSE, is entered into a contest to win VIP concert tickets to see them! And not only that, but if she wins, she would actually get to MEET THEM! And on top of THAT, she'd receive an autographed guitar!

So please, please, PRETTY PLEASE help my sister! To vote, all you have to do is click on the link. That's it!! The website keeps a tally and right now she's in 11th place!!

This is for my sister, Michelle, whom I love very much! Please help make this most wonderfulest and awesomest and spectacularest thing happen for her! Thanks so very very much!

Go Michele!!!!

(clicky clicky the linky linky, right there underneathy neathy!)

This link is, in fact, a virtual naked singularity, and is inexorably pulling your mouse to it, spaghettifying it in the process, and crunching the signals sent from your mouse clicks into an infinitely dense mass of clickified cyperspacetime!

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