Monday, November 11, 2013


The weirdest thing! Tonight I came across a bird in the road, just sitting there, all nestled up and comfy. Right in the middle of the road. So I went over to it and and said, "Hey bird, hey, hey, hey bird, hey, watcha doin' in the road, hey bird, whatcha doin', whatcha doin', get outa the road bird, hey bird, what's up bird?" And it didn't respond at all. Now, you may be thinking that this bird was dead, but no... I've seen plenty of dead birds. Just plenty of 'em, and this one wasn't dead. But what the heck WAS it doing? I reached down and was just about to grab it and move it off of the road, and as soon as the tip of my finger just barely touched its wing, SHEBLOGINSCHNOGUMUP! That bird flew right off. Crazy bird. Could'a got run over.