Thursday, March 13, 2014

13 dimensional string theory, God, and quantum music.

Have you ever been so emotionally moved by a piece of music that you wished it were possible to actually BE the music? To somehow exist as the actual notes and chords and harmonies and melodies, with the entire song comprising your life, with the beginning as your birth and the end, your death? Even if it's just a short song, or just a piece of a song.

I've got a theory as to what music really is. You know how music is made out of math, basically, and how the universe is also made out of math, which - functioning as math does - is essentially just a description of vibrations? And how musical notes are simply the atoms and molecules, which together and in abundance make up a medium which can vibrate at certain frequencies, and how those very atoms are, according to 13 dimensional string theory, actually, at their most basic and fundamental level, individual pieces of the very essence of space-time vibrating at different frequencies, with specific frequencies describing the specific bosons and force carriers which comprise all forms of matter and energy, which in essence means that (I just saw a shooting star, by the way) the fabric of creation can be accurately described as, and in fact is, the penultimate musical instrument, with the laws of physics as the musical theory, and matter and energy as the notes, and the struggle of order against entropy as the time signature, and the galaxies, stars, planets, and all related macro and micro phenomena as the theme, and with life as the complex and interwoven melodies which bind it all together and give it meaning, with God as the composer and conductor?

So, what music is - that stuff we actually create with our minds and hear with our ears - is the expression of ourselves in God's image, as we were made. It's an essential part of communion with God, which is why we feel such joy and ecstasy when we hear it and write it and play it and sing it... it's just that most of us have forgotten what it's for, and what that feeling means.

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  1. This is why the Hindus chant "Ommmmmm."

    The Om is the supposed sound of the cosmic vibration.

    Could also be a cosmic fart.