Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another right this minute minute

Right now it's like a dream. Right now, right this minute. It's more like the memory of a dream, actually...
That's so weird, how I get these feelings. It's surreal, like this moment is a page out of a children's book. Not a book written for children by grown ups... this is more like a story that has sprung straight out of the mind of a child who has yet to develop the idea of a reality that's more than a few minutes to either side of now; where the substrate of existence is so simple that concepts like good and evil can find nothing tangible upon which to take root. There is only the pure interest of being, and a strong will to continue being, according to the natural rules of movement along the zeroth dimension of the absurd simplicity of now.

Dang, don't I turn into a convoluted windbag when I start thinking about stuff.

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