Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Some time passes

There's too much beauty out here, and too much reality for it to exist inside of. I know, I know... I keep going on about how beautiful it is; the beauty of the night, ad infinum, ad nauseum. But think about it for minute. What's so good about it? What exactly is it that is so inspiring that when I'm out in it, I feel compelled to express the experience for the purpose of sharing it with other people? What is it that's so good to see or experience that it requires tired legs, a mustache covered in frozen snot, a lack of sleep, and a concatenation of bored cops who wanna play 'tag, you're it, baggy eyes' with me?

Or what's so bad about it, for that matter? There is a little bit of bad mixed in sometimes, as a result of having almost eight thousand miles of rock existing there between myself and the life giving photons of the Sun. Is that a problem for anyone else, or just me? Anywho. So mostly the bad is contrived... but however it got there, there it is, exactly undeniable, and being undeniably bad.

But. The bad is necessary, because to really appreciate a whole lotta good, I mean like... the whole lotta good that I've come to expect every now and then from the extraordinary banality of simple awareness, then there ain't no getting away from the fact that, from a human perspective, that whole entire experience of good would be meaningless without something for it to contrast against, like all that bad I was just going on about.

(some time passes)

Well, I never got around to describing all of those things that actually make me Feel, because I got caught up in the details of describing a whole bunch of whatever that I was busy experiencing, and then I must have decided that the experiencing was more interesting than the describing. I remember how it felt though; that thing I originally was wanting to communicate. And... okay. Time to lapse into unconsciousness for a little while. I'll dream about that thing here in a few minutes. I can't wait!