Friday, June 19, 2015

A dream - the Unmaker

A nightmare.

I was part of mission control which was directing a time ship with five passengers into the far future.  We had video screens showing the crew, and we were in verbal communication with them.  I gave the order to accelerate and one of the crew pushed a lever forward, and we could see the stars change positions as they flew millions of years into the future.  As they were moving through the eons, they would pass these regions of discontinuity which would appear as a swirling blackness that quickly disappeared into the past.  This happened several times, and the crew began to report these phenomenon with some anxiety, as they were becoming more frequent and harder to avoid.  Finally they passed straight into one.  This is where the dream becomes a nightmare.

It only affected one member of the crew, but I could see through his eyes what was happening to him.  There was a head of a demon before him that he could see in his mind.  Everything else around him was black.  I can picture what the demon head looked like, but warped is the closest I can come to actually describing it.  Warped and ungood.  It was called the Unmaker.  As it infected his mind with it's essence, I could see what was happening to him.  He was at his station, looking catatonic, and then his eyes went wonky.  One rolled up so that about half of the iris was hidden, and the other jerked slightly away from center, so that it was looking outward.  He went into a slight convulsion all over his body, and started to cry silently.  Then he began to utter the strangest gibberish.  I could hear it so clearly in my dream, but I can't remember any of it now.  It was something like this...

"Then oncely the defaculation is compressioned we can inslide for with an excratiational blackdock with it out fromover, the it of thens when, full of your selfly crob crob, crobs forever."

That's extremely close in essence, if not in the actual words.  He went on like this for some time, and eventually he got up from his seat and approached a female crew member.  She panicked and tried to run away, but she couldn't stand all the way up.  She just kind of froze and had to wait for the gibbering one to reach her and infect her with the insane sickness as well.  When he reached her, he planted his mouth full onto hers and blew the poison into her.  She began to convulse too.

We were watching from mission control and somebody finally had the presence of mind to slam the controls into reverse and bring the ship out of the discontinuity and back home to the present.  When the ship appeared, I went inside to investigate.  Everybody was either dead or unconscious, except for the infected girl, who was severely pregnant.  She was just sitting at her station whimpering quietly, with her head hanging forward limply and her arms wrapped tightly around her stomach, as though she were enduring severe agony.  Tears were streaming from the corners of her eyes, which were tightly shut.  Then she began to cough, a horrible wracking cough with slimy sounds all through it.  She stood up and doubled over, chocking on the cough, and finally she vomited this slimy gray infant onto the floor.  It was covered with putrid afterbirth, and where the cord should have been, there was this black, lumpy growth about the size of it's head.  It looked like rotten black broccoli, and the grotesque baby-thing started to gnaw on it hungrily.  I picked up the... unbaby, and looked around frantically for a way to dispose of it.  All I could think to do was to stuff it into a trash receptacle that was built into the wall.  It opened like an ashtray, and I stuffed the vile baby-thing into it.  Stuffed it down, hard, pushing and pushing, until it was a pulp, then I shut receptacle door.

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