Wednesday, June 10, 2015

St. Ides heaven

Everything is exactly right

When I walk around here

Drunk every night

With an open container

From 7-Eleven

It is st.ides heaven

Been out haunting the neighborhood

And everybody

Can see I'm no good

When I'm walking out

Between parked cars

With my head full of stars

I think I know what brings me down

'Cause I want those things

That are never allowed

If you see me smiling

Do you think it's a frown

That's upside down

'Cause everyone is a fucking pro

And they've all got answers

To troubles we've known

And they all have a say

In what we should or shouldn't do

But I don't have a clue

High on amphetamines

The moon is a lightbulb breaking

It'll go around with anyone

But it won't come down for anyone

Yeah that's me

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