Friday, July 24, 2015

Something strangely disturbing I saw, whilst out walking during the small hours...

Ok. Okay, okay. Ok, I have to start this out with an OK or two.  Okay? Ok.  Okay...

Okay, here goes.  Just now, as I'm writing this, about two and a half minutes ago, as of right this second, I was walking down the street that I walk down all the time to get back to my apartment from Kroger.  It's almost 4 o'clock a.m., so it's dark, but that usually doesn't bother me because there are street lamps and other stuff that makes light, so I can see where I'm going without any problem. 

Because I've always got my head (which contains my eyes) angled downward at something or another, I rely on my peripheral vision alot, which ain't interesting at all, usually. Anyway, who cares. I'm getting off the subject.

I'm walking and reading or dictating or something, or making a blog entry. I was writing about... um... insomnia.  That's what I was doing. I was dictating a blog into my phone about insomnia, as I was walking, when I noticed a dark movement on top of the darker dark. Your peripheral vision is good at doing that, by the way... detecting slight variations of light intensity, that is.  It's because the light gathering cells in the peripheral part of your retina are comprised mainly of rods, as opposed to cones. Rods and cones. The differentiated, light gathering cells of your retina.  Rods are sensitive to light intensities, and cones perceive color.  So your peripheral vision is much better at perceiving different shades of dark and light. Damn. Anyway.

So there I was, doing what I just said I was doing, utilizing the amazing natural bio-features that just come with the whole package for free when you're born; that mind-flabbergasting nanotech that's built into my eyeballs, like 'twern't jist nothin' budda thang at all, and I saw this black kid.  That's what I saw, a black kid in the dark.  A black kid, in the dark, head down, eyes down, shuffling along, slowly, without a shirt, with a collar on his neck, and a rope emerging from some undetermined place out of the shadows and attached to the collar,  holding a garden hose, and watering a lawn. 

Recap - young black boy, shirtless, downcast, roped and collared, watering a lawn with a hose, slowly.

Now, you whoever might be reading this, tell me.  WTF was that all about??

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