Thursday, August 20, 2015

A big problem I have

I've got a big problem with this this "Yoo hoo, big summer blowout!" dude in that movie, Frozen... the huge Swedish sort of guy who runs the Wandering Oaken's Trading Post.

He's a real butthead. I do not like that guy at all.  He comes off all nice at first, but he charges Christoph four times as much as what he wanted to buy was worth!  I mean, it coulda been life or death for Christoph and Sven, his reindeer, what with the freak eternal winter that just got turned on and everything, but this trading post guy, he just... man, he just makes me sick! 

I mean, he throws Christoph out into the freaking storm, and why?  Because Christoph called him a crook?  Which he is, by the way... but Christoph didn't call that big lug a crook, anyway!  He was talking to Anna, not that smiling lunkhead! 

Oh, that big ass Swedish meatball pisses me off! 

And then he tries to sweet up to Anna by throwing in a jar of fish heads for free, and with his family watching from the sauna and everything? Oh, I do not like that guy! 

Him and his big summer blow out. I mean, yeah, it's summer and everything, but there's a freaking snowstorm going on in July!  If there's a big freaking snowstorm going on in July, you don't say, "Hello, yoo hoo, big summer blowout!" to everybody who walks into the store, even if it is summer, because nobody is going to want to buy whatever you had for sale for your big summer blowout if there's an eternal winter going on!

Geez, I hate that Swedish meatball  big summer blowout lunkhead from that movie, Frozen!

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