Saturday, August 22, 2015

A robot torturing a human being for the fun of it

You know how the colloquialism 'No more!' means basically, "Stop, that's enough!" or "I don't want that!" or "That's too much, quit it!"? You know how 'no more' means that? Yeah?

Well, get ready to have your mind blown. Get ready! Are you ready? Huh? Are You ready? I'm assuming that you are ready. You're ready, right?


Ok, check this out. Literally, that is... grammatically, which in this particular case means the same thing as literally... the opposite of the phrase and expression 'No More' is 'Yes Less'. 
Therefore, 'NO MORE' literally means the same thing as 'YES LESS'.
'NO MORE' equals 'YES LESS'. 
Although the individual words on each side of the phrase equation are the exact opposites, both phrases equal each other.
To say 'NO MORE' means the exact same thing as to say 'YES LESS'.
Am I right?
Are we clear?
And we all know what the word 'opposite means', don't we?
We don't have to get into that discussion, right? 
About the meaning of the word 'opposite'?
Do we?
We are all in agreeance now, right?


So. Take this hypothetical situation. Say for instance, that you were strapped to a table and were being tortured with electricity by an imminently and inexcusably logical... robot, I guess. And say, hypothetically, that you were to scream out, "NO MORE!", right in the middle of having a gigajoule of electrons scrambled precisely through your most sensitive and vulnerable bits of yourself.

And say, for instance, that your torturer was especially sadistic and wanted to trip you up into actually asking for - that is, REQUESTING - more torture, by trying to twist around the meanings of words and saying to you, for example...

So the insane robot replies to your scream with this little gem:

"What did you say? Yes, LESS torture?" 

You see, by screaming 'NO MORE!', the robot is being purposefully obtuse in construing your meaning as, 'NO!' That is, screaming no for the sake of the word 'no', because no is the perfect word to express your feelings toward getting tortured right then, and then screaming 'MORE!', as if you'd just changed your mind in the middle of it and decided that you actually wanted more torture after all.  You see what this little shit heap of a robot is trying to do?  He's purposefully misunderstanding you, with the hope of confusing you into actually asking for more torture by pointing out his supposed mistake verifying what you had just screamed, by correcting him and saying, or screaming, "NO, MORE!" since that's what you actually did say, but in the new context fabricated by that crap snacking robot dick head, by merely correcting what you would have naturally assume that he'd misheard, you would inadvertently be asking for more torture by reiterating the opposite of  'YES, LESS' with your original scream, which as I've hopefully explained sufficiently, in its new context, conveys the meaning of actually asking for more torture.  Insidious.

But say, instead... say you recognized that bastard ass robot clown testicle munching butt shoveler was trying to trip you up into requesting more torture by replying "NO, MORE!" to his query for clarification, naturally... but INSTEAD, replied, 'YES, LESS!'... Why, that overweight, greasy blob of mindless philosopherizing would...

Why, that would... why... what... why would it... uh, he would totally, completely... what? What was I talking about?

And it would only be a couple of nanoseconds before something imploded!

Isn't that frikin' mind blowing??

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