Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Poor kitty

Tonight after work I was walking home from my Wi-Fi spot.  That is, there's a secret place I know of, with a strong unsecured broadband Wi-Fi signal, where I bury my extra android tablet (just under a few pieces of tree bark and some pebbles) so that I can leech a couple of movies movies while I'm off somewhere else, doing something or another, so I don't have to sit there and wait.

Anyway.  I had just left that place and I was walking back to my compartment. I was thinking about the normal things that I think about whenever I'm alone at night and walking, like how beautiful everything is, and how I ain't never going to have a chance to see all of it, and how I can't decide whether or not I'm thankful or disappointed or relieved about that.  I was walking down the road, thinking those thoughts, and I look to my left, which happened to be East, where the three quarter moon just happened to be about 15 degrees above the horizon, and it just happened to have these clouds around it that formed sort of a frame, and all of that just happened to be snuggled into this narrow space between the side of this house and a tree that was in the yard over, which all together made another frame for the moon in the clouds thing, and when I noticed what I just described, that I was in the perfect spot that made the perfect point of view for connecting those two perfect places, my place place and the moon place, just for a few perfect minutes...

...well, when I noticed that, I guess I must have been in a really heightened sense of awareness situation, because otherwise I probably wouldn't have noticed that little kitty cat which wasn't making a sound at all, but which was following just behind me and for I dunno how long.  Just a scrawny shadow I happened to notice because it didn't seem quite like a rock or a bush to my peripheral vision.

It was just a scrawny cat, a skinny thing, and I thought it was a kitten at first but it wasn't.  It wasn't full grown yet, but it wasn't a kitten, but it was skin and bones, and hungry.

Taking all that into account, I can't believe I actually saw the dagum thing, 'cause it didn't make a sound at all.  It was just this shadow, kind of off to the left and behind.

When I totally became aware of it, I stopped and turned around and looked at it, and he plunked down on his haunches and just kind of sat there. He didn't sit there all tensed up and ready to spring; he sat there more like he was waiting for something. 

This kitty didn't seem like a fraidy cat at all. This one seemed like a friendly cat that had just been kicked around too much, and was really hungry, but wary too.  I know kitty body language, you know?  Does that sound retarded, that I claim to know kitty body language?  Well, I do, and this kitty really wanted to be friendly, but it was scared.  It wasn't a fraidy cat... it was a cautiously optimistic but ready to run like hell cat.  And no, that's not the definition of a fraidy cat!

This kitty never would let me pet it, and I didn't get aggravated at all. I just put some chips on the ground for it.  I really can't imagine any cat anywhere actually liking chips, but that's all the food I had at the time.  Poor kitty.

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