Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Perpetual Pickle Paradox

BthrrrrrrIIING! ... BthrrrrrrIIING!

...7-Eleven Oak street.

Do you have pickles?

Hang on... Yeah.

Do you have the single pickles in the plastic package?

Lemme check... Yeah.

Are they sour?


Are they the sour kind? Sour pickles?

Uh... Yeah, they're pretty sour.

Could you have it ready at the counter for me?

... Yeah, sure.

Because I'll be right there. How much is one?

It doesn't say on the package.

Is it less than two dollars?

I dunno...

Cause I only have two dollars.

Ok, lemme check... It's a dollar twenty nine.

Ok thanks, I'll be right there.

--- time passes ---

Hi, I called about the pickle.

Ok. Buck twenty nine.

You said on the phone you had the sour kind.


Don't you have the sour kind?

... As opposed to the sweet kind?

No, this is a dill pickle.

Uh... yeah. Dill pickles are sour, right? Is there a sourer pickle than a dill?



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