Friday, November 13, 2015

A happy ending.

What my night is like.
I go home, after work.
I get ready to go, some place.
I do it almost every night,
I don't know where I'm looking for.
I got my music
I my battery
I got my alcohol
I got my lifeline
I'm ready.
You'd think a person
Would get tired of it or
Rid of it.
Truly Amazing, how it
Never gets boring.
I guess there's a waiting thing
I mean, why do this
Over and over and over and over
Unless I'm waiting for, or
Anticipating some kind of
By the way,
I ain't trying to be a poet here.
I'm just drunk and it's easier like
Line by line.
I remember I was talking about
A change.
An anticipation.
See, I remember. I ain't that drunk.
It's like...
I never have time to myself
Anymore that isn't just sad
And depressing.
Sure, there are diversions...
But do all diversions, are all
Diversions supposed to lead
To the same place?
Back to the same feeling.
Back to the same place where
I thought I started from?
When did it
It's like
This is how it
This is how it is
This is how it got...
You know, though, I'm really
Lucky to have a good sense
Of humor.
I mean... otherwise the horror
Would be full time horrible
But at least it's
Occasionally funny
Because I have a good sense of
Plus, I'm a real chickenshit
Deep down
Cause I'm way too scared
To put a gun to my head
Hey I bet you weren't expecting
A happy ending.

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