Sunday, March 20, 2016

Blue Laws

I just thought of something really, really stupid, that I only just realized, after 30 some odd years. What happened as blue laws, back when I was a kid, in Texas, have now distilled down to just liquor stores. Taught to be the only commercial purveyor to resent the 'closed on Sunday' law, which now only applies to them.

It's political religion, being forced down the throat of only one, just one, particular type of sinner. In Texas. Every other sin of this type is ok, though. But only at certain times. But not really, though... the ok part, that is.

The blue laws were more honest.

It's just an observation. I really don't have any reason to be upset... unless other people agree with me. Otherwise it ain't nothing.

Also. I've come to a conclusion about Drug Emporium, on University, next to Kroger. The reason why they can keep prices low is because they never ever turn on the air conditioning. Ever.

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