Thursday, April 21, 2016

You're welcome.

Ooooooh CRAP I just figured out one of the level-ups in real life! I'll go ahead and tell everybody for free, because I'm just that kinda guy.

What it is, is when you're cleaning up your compartment, or your domicile, or abode, or asylum, castle, special dump, memorable hell hole, where you hang your stupid hipster hat, whatever you call it, when you're doing that, here's what you gotta remember to do.

All you gotta do is start at the front near the front door, and work yourself forcibly through the trash and toward the back, cleaning and wiping and sweeping and smoking and stuff all the while, and then!

Then, once you've reached the back, near the bathroom, and all of the flotsam and jetsam and flora and fauna and detritus and toxic waste is all pushed up close together into that one space, all you gotta do after that is to keep throwing little bits of whatev into it, until it becomes so dense that you get a quantum singularity some day, and all the crap that's shoved in there gets sucked away into the eleventh dimension. Then you're finally done.

First though - and this is the most important part, and you can't just skip it, because it's required in order for the whole thing to work - first you have to have been awake for a long long long long long long long long time, because otherwise you won't get realistic hallucinations, and it won't be convincing, and you won't believe none of it really happened at all.

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