Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A dream - alter ego

I laid down to sleep thirteen hours ago, and I'm absolutely not sure if I slept. I kinda feel like I didn't sleep, but I slugged a bunch of z-quil so it's kinda like I don't remember NOT sleeping exactly, and there were a couple of dream things that seem like they might've happened, and I do remember turning over about two dozen times.

Oh, no, yeah, wait, I did sleep last night, I had two dreams.

The first one was, I was dressed up in my alter-ego costume. Black slacks, shiny boots, black shirt and tie, black suit jacket... you know. Church clothes. I still had that gray Ford thing I used to drive. What was that thing? A Contour? Escort? Whatever. That thing. The front bumper - uh, no, those aren't things anymore, are they? It's just cheap fiberglass now. The front piece of cheap fiberglass was gone, and that's how I could tell that it was my car. Just in this dream; it wasn't really gone when I had the car.

All of the St. Maximus parishioners were attending a concert at the Meyerson concert hall in Dallas, and I was late getting there. It was already dark when I pulled into the parking lot, and I parked way far away from the front door. I don't know why I did that, because the parking lot was completely empty. There was a long line however, and it seemed like it took forever for me to get to the door.

When I got to the door, the attendant asked for my ticket. Holy crap, thought I, where's my ticket? I never purchased one! Crap! The attendant said in that case he would need to see my ID. I patted myself down frantically. Where's my wallet? Crap! It's in my suit jacket. Where's my suit jacket? Dang it! It's in the car.

I ran back to the car and got my ID out of my wallet and ran back to the door. I showed my ID to the attendant, and then he said, okay, that'll be $20. WHAT! Thought I. Okay, so I ran back to my car, but... I couldn't find my car. Where's my car? The parking lot was empty just a second ago, and now it's filled up with cars!

I looked everywhere for the car that was missing the front bumper, but it was dark and I couldn't see very well. There were also lots of people still sitting in their cars, and I grew self-conscious that I looked conspicuous, lurking around the parking lot in the dark. I wanted to pull out my flashlight and search for my car with it, but I was afraid someone would think I was 'casing the joint' and call the cops.

I had another dream, but whatev. I'm tired of swipe typing.

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