Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A funny thought.

I just had a funny thought.

The thing is, here's the thing. About three hours ago, I dropped off my spare phone at the Schlotsky's hotspot to grab some movies. Takes a couple of hours. So, I get all the way back home and finally get that French Toast going that I've been saving up the ingredients for for the last month, and I get it fried, and all 'et up, and I'm just about ready to yawn and collapse into sweet, sweet oblivion, when SUDDENLY I REMEMBER MY PHONE AT SCHLOTZKY'S!

Dangit. So, I have a choice... either forget the stupid phone and go ahead with the collapsing, or... haul... my... ass... a... mile... there... to...



So that's what I did, because I need the stimulation of new movies going on constantly in the background of my compartment so that I don't go insane and die from the loneliness.

And on the way back from the getting of the phone with the new movies on it, things got really awesome for a minute. Just because, you know? Weren't no recipe to it. Because the clouds were blowing in, and it was doing that nightlight thing from the ground lights bouncing off the clouds and back to the ground and to the clouds and back and forth again, lighting up everything with that dreamlight, and suddenly I wasn't tired at all anymore, and I was almost exultant, all by myself, quietly and in step with everything that's good, and I was HAPPY, all by myself, for a hundred seconds or so. And I wished... wow, because I haven't really WISHED anything in a long while... I wished it would never end.

But it ended, because the wishing of that made me think of something else, and that's ok that it ended. But the thing I thought of was, what if there's a life in some other universe, parallel to this one, with the other life in that other universe being also parallel to my life, and that life is having the exact same happiness as me, but with the exact opposite wish? Instead of one single never ending experience of happiness, what if that other life form wished for a myriad infinitude of chances for happiness, all different, and all of them, one right after the other, forever?

It blew my mind for a second.

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