Saturday, May 21, 2016

Just more ющ му клшиа.


Isn't it weird, how, a memory of something at all, just a tidbit of life happening from 30 years ago, can somehow all of a sudden seem important 30 years after?

How is that? How can an almost nonexistent memory of an event even do anything at all? How could something that's been practically forgotten actually ever mean anything? It was a forgotten thing for a reason... wadn't it?

Well, I think I have stumpled upon an answer to that, and it's a biggie. Here goes.

I'm pretty sure that I've discovered the source of all mortal combat I mean conflict. What it is, is, it's just an inherent fear of two simple and personal things, and these are what those two things realistically boil down to.

I'm afraid of (being):

1. Alone.

2. Forgotten.

Ok, that was pretty good, but forget that for a sec. Never mind, just start over. That was stupid.

It starts with the teensiest thing that there is another of, like a pair of hydrogen atoms. A hydrogen atom wants another hydrogen atom so that there are two hydrogen atoms, which want a bunch of other hydrogen atoms, right? Why? Are hydrogen atoms lonely for other  hydrogen atoms?

Hell no, they just want enough other hydrogen atoms all together at one place so that they can scrunch up together and fuse, to do some fusion so that they can make some helium atoms.

The truth is, hydrogen atoms hate hydrogen atoms. They're just lonely for helium atoms, and that's the only reason why they have tolerated each other at all, for all these billions of years. For sweet, sweet helium.

That's all I was trying to say at first really, for now anyway. I've got a shitload more to say later, about the heavier elements.

Geez, what a soap opera.

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