Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Light orange

This morning I woke up bright and early at 5:30, because sleep is stupid, I think. By 6:30 I was sure... yup, sleep is stupid. So I got up and did what any other Navy Seal would do, I went outside, barefoot and in my underwear, for a brisk ten mile sprint to squeeze the last ergs of stupid sleep sissies from my tear ducts. It's totally tough to do that and it ain't crying. Just ask any Navy Seal. Anyway, all of that is beside the point.

Morning light is totally different than evening light, by the way. Anybody ever notice that?

After about five miles of full speed sprinting (about 20 mph, usually) my stomach started to cramp. Oh God, please, no no no no no no no no no no! And I had to stop sprinting, so I walked with my arms over my tummy like a little boy.

Something about early morning sunrise light is decidedly different than late evening sunset light. Morning light seems... clearer, somehow. Brighter than evening light from the same star at ten or fifteen degrees above the horizon. Morning light seems more orange, and evening light seems more red. Is that it? Doesn't morning light seem effortless, like it's traveling through clear crystal, and evening light more laboured, like it's moving sluggishly through water? You'd think there would be no difference between them, but there is, isn't there?

After a while I got pretty dadgum cold. It was like, forty degrees this morning, and I was sweaty from my sprint and barefoot and wearing just my boxers. Boy, was I a sorry sight, shuffling along shivering and holding my tummy like my guts were about to spill out onto the pavement. Some Seal I turned out to be. After a while the God, no's morphed into please God's, which morphed into Lord have mercy's, and that's where they stayed.

I looked up the morning light and evening light thing on teh interwub, and lots of people had noticed the same thing, but nobody offered a scientific explanation describing it as a physical phenomenon.

After a while I started to get really thirsty. Oh man, how awesome orange juice would be, thought I, even though I'd probably puke it up. Oh, how I wanted some orange juice. Then I spotted an honest to goodness orange on the ground, and just like that, my cramps went away, so I ate the orange. Dayum, was that a good orange.

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