Thursday, May 19, 2016

Somnambulistic perambulations.

What's really great about being ambulatory inside of the small hours, for me anyway, is that I've got the BIG ASH MIDDLE of the road all to myself! I have free reign. There are occasional cars, but get this... they're the exception, not me! It's a reverse dichotomy! Get it?

IT'S awesome.

I can walk down the center line if I want to, and with my eyes closed, even! If it's an uphill portion of the road, I can zig-zag up and sideways and across and back again and all over the place, because by zig-zagging I'm doing the exact same amount of work as a brute-force uphill march, but along a longer, more easier path which requires less force at any instant, because work equals force multiplied by distance!

And then there's also the thing about it all  being at night, because there's a lot of specialized things that are possible at night that just ain't possible during the day.

'Like what?' you may prevaricate.

'Pre-WHUT? But varicate isn't even a word!' you may postulate.

'Point taken,' you may post-varicate.

'Huh? You're an idiot,' you may pontificate.

'May your genetic code never profligate,' you may palavarate.

'Thanks, but you're a dumbass. The word is proliferate!' you may perorate.

'Please. Your prostate is a perforated protuberance of putrescent pustules,' you may promulgate.

So anyway, I believe the question was, 'Like what?'

Well, for one thing, you can have a perfectly visible and navigable reality at night, and with no obvious light source!

'But,' you may be inclinivated to say, 'You can have that on a cloudy day too, but during the day!'

To which my retortance would be, 'Yeah, that's true. BUT... the daylight just ain't the same as the nightlight, so... to say, in a manner of speaking... and for the record, about the nightlight, or better yet, the dreamlight... the dreamlight is just way cooler. It's a feeling, you know?'

Yeah. I totally do know.

Then there's the fact that it's night, but the sky is still concurrently, stubbornly, cohabitatingly and yet inconsistently brighter than the horizon! That may seem like a gimme at first, but the amazing thing about that is that it's not really amazing at all, except that hardly anybody ever actually notices that on a clear night the star studded sky is delineated darkly against the horizon.

Oh yeah! I forgot to say... I'm talking about overcast nights with low clouds over citified areas, not clear nights at all. I guess that's pretty important to the image-feeling I'm trying to convey here. Sorry about that.

Anyway, another cool thing about the execution of the art of somnambulistics is that you're almost always alone when you're doing it. You kinda gotta have a 'used to it' thing about walking alone in the dark and at night to appreciate what's cool about it though, I guess.

Hell. That just means you gotta go out and do it for the first time, if you never have. When you get off work on the night before your day off, either just stay up, or set your alarm for midnight. Then get dressed in the most comfy spare clothes you can find, but with some decent shoes (boots preferably), and an umbrella if you need it, based on your local forecast (I'm assuming you have a weather app and something to run it on, and some kind of access to a popular, useful source of information that won't murder your finances), and then start perambulating!

That's a real word, perambulate.

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