Thursday, June 30, 2016


Just now, as I was walking around inside of the weird outside small hours, I was thinking about the word drama, and wondering what it really means.

There's storytelling drama. Drama, as a description of a happening, like in a movie. It's a genre of storytelling. That's usually what most people think of as drama, I think. The story.

That's not what I'm interested in though. I'm not interested in the definition of drama which pertains mostly to made up, dramatic situations, for the purpose of entertainment.

What I'm wondering about is real drama, not fake drama. I'm assuming that the whole idea, or the essence of drama was originally inspired by real things and real situations that really happened, to real people... exciting and/or emotional things must have happened, Once Upon a Time, to somebody, or to some people. Whoever those things happened to remembered those things as having happened, and the definition of real drama, followed by drama as a storytelling device, came out of the memories of those happenings.

What this is getting down to, or what I'm getting down to, is the recognition of drama as a real thing, fundamentally, and not just solely a method of storytelling. And since that's the case, then people must experience drama as a matter of course fairly regularly, or else no one would be able to relate to the idea of drama as entertainment. That's why drama is entertaining, right? Because we relate to it, right?

So what the heck is drama anyway, and is it really necessary? Can life be described without drama?

Essentially, what I'm asking is this:

Is it possible for a life to be lived and experienced without any trace of drama inside of it, whatsoever? Is it possible for drama to not even exist as a concept? Or is it fundamental to the experience of being alive?

I don't know. Maybe under extremely controlled conditions, it could be expunged? Would a person need to invent drama if everything they ever experienced was static, unchanging and reliable? If a person were only ever exposed from birth, and ever onward confined, to an environment consisting of the utmost stability, would that person need to go insane for the sole purpose of inventing drama so that they could experience it?

Is drama an inherently human condition, or is it an indulgence?

Simply put, I guess, in essence...

Will a person naturally die of boredom? I guess that's actually what I'm saying here, or what I'm asking. Whatever.

Who cares? Wow. I just experienced the drama of nobody giving a shit about any of this crap that I constantly post. Nobody wants to talk about this shit.


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