Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sleep walking

I went walking tonight. I've had several drinks, plus a couple of sleeping pills. I knew that it might turn out that I would wind up in a weird place. And sure enough, it did. I wound up in a weird place.

Although I remember being totally in control the whole time, I don't remember anything about that time that I was in control. As I'm walking home now, I'm trying to remember just what the heck happened. I wanted to go somewhere secluded so that I could listen to my music out of my speaker, because I don't have headphones, and so I wouldn't bother anybody,

I remember walking toward Walmart, and then it just becomes a blank. I don't know what happened after that. It was the sleeping pills, and the drink.

What I remember next to clearly is being on Bonnie Brae and walking South past Albertsons. Did I ever make it to Walmart in the interim? What happened? Did I get close by and just decide to turn around? Did I see a cop that freaked me out? Did I realize that I'm jack shit broke and I have nothing to spend at Walmart, even if I got there? I vaguely remember some pan handlers, but they could be a figment of my imagination....

See, everything is so beautiful that I positively can't ignore it. So what happens, is I find myself distracted for long long periods of time. Man, am I ever a stumbling drunkard. I just want to get home now so I can stumble drunkrrdly into my bed.

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