Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hi, how are you?

This is in no way a bitch or a moan, just saying - but insomnia has me by the short and curlies again! I've only slept 5 hours since Sunday, and I'm ready to puke coat hangers!


Oh, my brain hates me so much. My brain is just laughing, laughing laughing, and laughing at me.

'Look at the oh poor baby who can't sleep! Har har, hardy HAR HAR! You little sniveling baby, how do you like THIS... (twists my hypothalamus)... or, THIS... (pushes my heartbeat volume up to eleven) ... or... THIS!

There wasn't any kind of new 'THIS'. It was just my brain being an asshole because it thought I was funny, all suffering and stuff. Well, F you, brain. Just F you. You won't be laughing when my ass goes right through you at terminal velocity after I jump off of the top of the TWU Twin Towers, and land, brain first on the concrete!

You won't be laughing then, you... you... you F'ing BRAINIAC! I HATE YOU!

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