Monday, September 26, 2016



Walk walk walk, walk walk walk, walk!

I wish I wasn't so drunk... but I have to walk, of course. I'm normally not this drunk whenever I have to do it though... I mean, a certain amount of buzz is required, but sometimes a little bit is just a little too much.

The thing is, I'm trying to switch from a high calorie, low alcohol diet to a low calorie, high alcohol diet, and it's gonna take some getting used to. I'm doing that because it's cheaper, and also, fewer calories make you tougher. Sensical, no?

Have you ever been writing something, and was perfectly satisfied with your paragraph, but then looked up and saw that the paragraph which you'd just finished and thought was perfect looked too small? And even if what you said in the paragraph was perfect, you had to go back and either add more to the paragraph, or make that paragraph part of another paragraph, or split it in half, just so that it would look better on the page as a block of words and sentences?

It takes a lot of practice to be this articulate when you're as drunk as I am right now. I've always said that drunk driving takes lots of practice, and I'm pretty sure it's the same for drunk walking and typing. For example, even though right now I'm WAY drunker than I would usually ever want to be, I'm still in control of my major factories. I mean faculties.

I'm totally in control of everything that makes my body go, and do, and swipe-type. In fact, I'd be just fine if I could just think straight, and walk without spinning. You'd never be able to tell that those were problems just by looking at me though, because I'm an expert. Just don't get me mixed in with some other person or someones or some somebodies, because that's where it would all fall to pieces... if I had to actually do a one on one communication thing, in real life, right now, with something. Otherwise, I'm perfectly alright.

Still though... I normally don't like to be this drunk, but it was an accident, so whatev. I can still walk a straight line until I run out of calories and as long as the line I'm following is straight, and the roads here in Denton are usually pretty dadgum straight, even at night. I'll say that right now, dadgumit... Denton has a fine road construction. But the sidewalks kinda suck.

As a matter of fact, as a Dentonite - is that even a thing? A Dentonite? Sounds like it might explode - anyway, as a Dentonite, I hereby request more and better sidewalks.


Anywho. Tonight is a fine night to walk, if you have to walk. The clouds are low, it's a cool temperature, and light is bouncing everywhere and off of everything, making shadowy things stand out in an orange kind of way. There should be a word for that kind of light... that late night, cloud lit light.

Nightlight? No... cloudlight? Nightclight? Longlight? Lowglow? Longlow? Lowlonglow? Maybe one of those.

The thing is, I don't think a lot of people know about that kind of light, so that's why there's no casual way to refer to it. I mean, there's words like twilight and gloaming and midnight and high noon and stark white and pitch black and magic hour, but nothing for the low glow. Maybe they have it in another language? Probably... in the mean time, I guess I get to enjoy it all by myself for now.

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