Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A good thing

Poor Chiy.  And poor Lin too.  The roads are so icy, and Chiy and Lin didn't get home last night until midnight (they live in The Colony) and had to get up at 4:00 am to be at the 7-Eleven by 6:00 am.  He was dog tired today, and I was dog tired today.  He asked me to work late last night because Saqib called off, but I had an 8:00 am liturgy this morning (I didn't know it was cancelled until I got there and the church doors were locked), and he felt so bad about asking me to work that he bought me a pack of cigarettes and gave me a warm hat to wear when I walk to and from work.

Today it wasn't nearly as busy, but Brittney called off and Chiy and Lin (Lin is Chiy's wife) had to work a double shift because Chiy just absolutely will not leave anyone at the store alone (unlike Terry, who just didn't give a flip, even if a woman was working alone in the middle of the night).  So both of those guys worked with me today, a 16 hour shift.  Every now and then Chiy would smile real big at me and open his eyes wide, pointing to the bags and the red, and say "16 hour!  I work 16 hour today!  You see how tired I am?"

So tonight we all got to leave at about 10:00, and Chiy and Lin had that drive to The Colony to look forward to, and another 6:00 am morning at 7-Eleven.  Those guys just work their asses off, and they're always smiling too.  I'm fortunate that I'm working there now, because I would never have benefited from knowing Chiy.  He's a good person.

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