Thursday, April 28, 2011

Limericks about whatnot and somethingoranother.

One of these days I'll get around to just being over this already, and I'll move on to a brand new something or another that will make me crazy or miserable or deliriously happy or scared shitless.  Always something new to look forward to!  Ain't life awesome?

There once was a girl named Leah
With whom I just wanted to be-ah
Although it's a year
Since she said 'goodbye, dear'
I'm still wishing that she was with me-ah.

When he and she both became friends,
There was one thing which I didn't ken...
That once he unfurled
His designs on my girl,
She'd be gone just like dust in the wind.

Those limericks are both full of shit
They're full of self pity, not wit
'Cause the times that were good
Are the things that I should
Keep inside me and never forget.

In Soviet Russia we rhyme
About love, which undone, becomes crime
Such doggerel is rough,
For in battle is tough
To dodge bullets and scrawl at same time.

In Soviet Russia we say,
'You don't break heart, heart breaks you, okay?'
If is too hard to take,
Well, then go jump in lake.
What?  Is not even frozen today!

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