Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rats in the mattress

This morning at about 6:30 I awoke to something brushing against my fingertips.  The mattress I sleep on is shoved up next to the wall, and my fingers were kind of hanging down in the little crack between the wall and the mattress.  I sat up quickly, sure it was another one of those 'waterbugs', as my brother calls them, but to me they're just giant roaches.  They attack me sometimes when I sleep, but since it's been cold, they've been inactive.  I know - horrible, gross, filthy, creepy, crawly - but I'm used to 'em.  Anywho, I sat up and saw, in the dim light, what had to be the biggest roach I'd ever seen.  At least four inches long.  But it was dark, and only a little morning light was coming through the windows, and what I'd first thought was an enormous bug LEAPED from the little crevice, landing behind this little drawered block I use for a night stand.  I stared for about a minute, and suddenly, WHOOSH, the thing shot across the floor and into the closet.  I jumped up and turned on the light and looked in the closet, but it had high tailed it to some other cranny or crevice.  I'm pretty sure it was a mouse now, and not a giant roach.  Fun, huh?

When I went back to sleep, I dreamed that I lifted up my mattress and there was a hole chewed in the side, and that it was infested with rats.  I followed a trail of mattress fluff to a hole in the wall.  Then I heard a voice saying, 'rats in the mattress,' over and over.  More fun, yeah?

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