Saturday, December 3, 2011

Random encounter

I was walking to the church last night at about 7:00 to meet up with Dax to discuss the intricacies of choir directing, and I had my flashlight and e-book, reading, as usual.  It was dark, and a car passed me and turned on the intersecting street, then turned around, and I heard this:

"Hey, are you the guy who works at 7 Eleven?"


"You're awesome!"

What?  I looked into the car, and there was a young girl driving, with a guy in the passenger seat.  She looked vaguely familiar.  I approached.

"Uh... thanks."

"I go there a lot, but you might not recognize me.  I'm brunette now."

"Oh, no... yeah.  I recognize you."

"So what are you doing?"

I almost said that I was on my way to the church and all that, but I've found that when I'm honest like that, about church and all, that it puts people off.  So I said that I was just out doing my thing, walking and reading, like I always do.

"Oh, that's cool."  She smiled real big.  "What's your name?"

Without hesitating, I said, "Elias..." and then I regretted it.

"Oh yeah?  Cool.  How'd you get that name?"

Shit.  I'll have to lie now.  "I dunno... my mom liked the name Eli, so Elias it was, I guess."

"Cool!  My name's..." and damned if I forgot her name.  The guy introduced himself, and I forgot his name too.

"Ok, nice metting ya'll, and thanks."

She smiled real big.  "Yeah, see ya!" and drove off.

I felt like complete shit after that.

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  1. Did you feel like shit because you lied? If that's the case, then see it like this: She said she often goes to Shmeven Eleven, so next time you see her, come clean with the real story about your name and where you were headed.

    Never know, but that may have been what it took to get her curious enough to acutally GO to church.

    Of course I have no idea if this is the case, but there it is anyway.