Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I had the worst, most godawful nightmare last night.  I was standing at the top of a tall spiral ramp, and I could look down and see it as it spiraled away, and the end of the ramp led into a dark tunnel.  Two people, a mother and a child, I think, were fighting and they fell down the ramp.  They tumbled down it all the way to the tunnel, and as they struggled down there, dead bodies began to fall down the ramp.  They piled up on each other as they fell, and some were walking and stumbling, and falling over the other bodies.  I tried to turn away and leave, but I was paralyzed.  I looked to my right and somebody was holding me still, so that I couldn't move at all, and it was some unidentified woman.  She held me and forced me to look as the bodies engulfed the two struggling figures, and she said, "Bloody dead."  And I woke up scared shitless, didn't know where I was, and was still paralyzed.  If you were watching me, I'd probably have seemed quite calm lying there with my eyes open and expressionless, but I was frikin horrified.  I was finally able to turn over and go to sleep again, after about 5 minutes of lying there unmoving and muttering "I'm scared, I'm scared" to myself, over and over.

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