Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today, May something or other.

this morning I woke up at noon.  I walked to work, got hot, and sweated like a slave.  on the way, I was singing out loud at the top of my lungs, queens can anybody find me somebody to love.  I was kind of hoping somebody would hear me singing, and actually walk up to me and say, here you go, I heard you singing and just happened to have an extra love of my life that I don't need, and then present her to me, right then and there, just as real as you please.  problem solved, may it do ya fine, say thank ya. 

well, that didn't happen.  instead, I stopped singing and as I approached these two boys, about ten years old each, a truck passed us and someone threw a ketchup packet at the boys.  this just pissed me right off, and I had to stop my hand as it went up reflexively with the middle finger extended.  as I neared the boys, one of them recognized me from work.  he asked me to tie his backpack to a stick so he could hang it from the handlebars off his bike.  I did this, he said thanks, I said you boys be careful, and he laughed.

I have to pause now, to remark upon this stray dog which is stalking me.  when I pretend not to notice it, it runs around in circles like a lunatic as it follows me.  then, when I turn to face it, it barks and dashes behind whatever cover is available.  I guess it grew bored, because it just beged off of the hunt.

anywho.  I busted my ass today at work.  I had to change shirts twice because I got so sweaty.  I also had to cut the legs off of my pants and turn them into shorts, because I got them soaking wet as I was cleaning the gunk off of these metal baseboard things.  now I'm just tired and want to go home, but I have to go by walmart first to buy some new boots because I only have one pair now and they aren't waterproof anymore.  they got soaked today too, and it wasn't fun having to work in wet socks and boots.

now I'm tired of blogging this crap. 

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