Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Poor Ms. Greely

As I was returning from Kroger this morning, I passed by the Wellspring Christian Academy, where a pool party was in full swing in the parking lot.  Two large pools, made out of some type of corrugated metal (tin, I'm guessing), were filled to the brim with water and screaming children.  On the other side of the pools and across the parking lot, a lady with a megaphone was standing there, supervising and barking orders at the kiddoes and keeping them in line.  Closer to me, another lady was having some trouble from the looks of it, with one of the kids who wouldn't quit splashing the others.  She was bent over the pool and having a fair time trying to keep from getting soaked.  The megaphone bellowed, "Ms. Greely, Ms. Greely!  Ms. Greely, are you alright over there?  Stop giving Ms. Greely trouble, I say, stop that!  Ms. Greely, are you all right?"

When at that moment - AMBUSH AND SURPRISE!  SHOCK AND AWE!  A child, formerly lurking in the depths and waiting for the perfect moment, popped up above the water with a super soaker, cocked it, raised it, and shot a stream of water directly onto Ms. Greely's ample bosom!  Ms. Greely jumped backwards in surprise, and her hands kind of went bananas for a second as she tried to block the stream.

The response from the megaphone was immediate.  "DO NOT SHOOT THE TEACHER!  DO NOT SHOOT THE TEACHER!  DO NOT SHOOT THE TEACHER...!" and I surprised myself by laughing out loud into the sky.

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