Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thursday night happenings

Last Thursday night I was at work and checking customers, as usual, and this one cutie pie wouldn't stop chatting with me after she had finished her transaction.  There was a line of customers going back halfway to the cooler, but she seemed oblivious to them.  I know that I should have probably hurried her along, as I was getting pointed looks from the folks behind her, but sometimes sacrifices must be made when you're chatting with a cutie pie.  And you know, you get a vibe from a girl sometimes... especially when she purposefully takes the extra time to just yak with you about nothing, especially in that kind of situation... a vibe that says, she's interested in you, man... she likes you; she's standing there and twirling her hair with her finger and talking to you, and her friend is standing there at the door waiting for her, and she's not even making any kind of move to end the chat and to get on with her evening... she digs you man, she at least thinks you're cute, you can feel it, right? So we just chatted there for a minute or two, holding up the line and pissing off the other customers.  And when she finally left, she - get this - she blew me a kiss!  As she was heading towards the door, she turned, lifted two fingers to her lips and kissed them, then blew it to me, while at the same time extending her arm towards me, offering me those two kissed fingers in a kind of salute!  It made me feel really good.

After work I went for one of my long walks with my e-book, and stopped at a Whataburger.  I ordered just a chicken strip sandwich, no soda, no fries, no nothing else, just the sandwich to go.  Well, the computers happened to be down and they couldn't process my card immediately, so I sat down and read my e-book while I waited.  A guy who worked there took an interest in me and asked what I was reading.  I told him that it was The Dark Tower by Stephen King, and it turns out that he'd read it, too.  We embarked on about a ten minute conversation on how great it was, and do you remember this part, and why didn't he do this at that part, and where are you at now?  and how many times have you read it? and they're making a movie, isn't that awesome? and it was just really fun and cool, talking with enthusiasm to someone about a particular interest that we both shared.  Finally, he just brought my card back to me and said that he wasn't going to charge me for anything.  I said, Dude, you're awesome! and invited him to visit me at the store some time, and that I'd hook him up with a free Slurpee or something.  And when I got outside and checked my bag, he'd included an extra large fries and two apple pies!  How cool was that?

Later on that night, I was still out walking and reading and I decided to cut across some pasture land.  It turns out that this land was very muddy and hilly, and I was very quickly squelching through mud and getting my new boots completely filthy.  I thought about turning around and just going back, but my shoes were already coated with mud, so I trudged on up this hill I'd been climbing because I wanted to see the view of Denton from up there.  Well, no sooner had I reached the top of the hill that I just lost my shit completely and tumbled down the other side to the bottom.  When I came to rest, I was completely covered with mud from head to toe, and a quick inventory revealed that I'd lost my two brightest flashlights, which had fallen out of my backpack on the way down.  And to top it off, I'd twisted my ankle, so I wasn't feeling much like limping back up that hill to search around in the dark and in the mud for my two flashlights.  My phone was covered with mud, but undamaged, and earlier that night I'd bought a little penlight, so I still had some source of illumination, at least.  My walking mood was ruined though, so I limped about two miles back to the house, covered in mud, minus two flashlights and plus one twisted ankle, which was beginning to swell.  FUN!

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