Saturday, January 21, 2017


Wulp, I suppose that clenches it, then. I learned today that the girl I've been cockadoody-poopoo-tarded in love with since January 2009 is now a full blown, bona-fide nun.

I guess that means I can finally put the boots to to that dime-sized knot of twisted space-time that just barged in and made itself at home, right there underneath my sternum. You know, the one that feels like a chunk of degenerate matter that got lodged in mid swallow, which I've been choking on for almost seven years now. That'll be a relief, to finally hack that thing up and spit it out, like a petrified loogie.

So. Basically good news, then. I guess.

Meh. It ain't like I didn't know it would happen eventually. I haven't seen or spoken to her since October 2011. Right now it's just a sucker punch and not a full on ass-beating. I'll be right as rain in half the time. Three years, max.

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